Overview ESDRA Subprogram

Overview of the ESD Reporting and Assessment (ESDRA) Subprogram

“When the scope of a particular R&D objective extends beyond that which could be achieved through a single project undertaken by a single researcher, the FRDC forms a subprogram focused on species, fishery or key area.”

“The formation of a subprogram ensures that: strategic directions are developed and maintained, R&D is not duplicated, scientific methods are standardised, and results are extended.” (FRDC, 2000).

Subprograms are, therefore, an important tool to assist the FRDC efficiently and effectively manage research outcomes. There are a number of elements required to form a subprogram and each subprogram must set out what it is attempting to achieve. The following sections details the need for the subprogram – why it was set up; the scope of the issues that will be covered by the subprogram (which elements of ESD will be addressed); the objectives of the subprogram (what specifically are we trying to achieve); and the consultation processes being used through the Reference Group.

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