Reference Groups

Overview of the ESD Reporting and Assessment (ESDRA) Subprogram

Reference Groups

The Ecologically Sustainable Development Reporting and Assessment (ESDRA) Subprogram currently uses consultative structures that had already been developed, including the SCFA Working Group, in combination with the ESD ‘Reference Group’.  Thus, the ESDRA Reference Group includes representatives from:

  • most fisheries agencies;
  • other relevant areas of government;
  • commercial fishing industry;
  • recreational fishing;
  • aquaculture;
  • Fisheries Research and Development Corporation; and
  • environmental groups.

The ESDRA Reference Group has four main roles that are to:

  • Provide comments and feedback on the progress of current ESDRA projects
  • Assist in the identification of future directions for projects within the ESDRA Subprogram
  • Provide comments on applications submitted for funding through the ESDRA Subprogram
  • Assist the flow of communication into and from the ESDRA Subprogram and their particular agency/industry/group.
ESDRA Reference Group Members

Name Association
Rick Fletcher Department of Fisheries (WA)
ESDRA Subprogram Leader
Carolyn Jenour Department of Fisheries (WA)
Executive Officer
Patrick Hone Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
Lara Musgrave Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
Steve Sly Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development (NT)
Peter Millington Department of Fisheries (WA)
James Andrews Department of Primary Industries Victoria
Will Zacharin Primary Industries South Australia
Ian Nightingale Primary Industries South Australia – Aquaculture
Catherine Smith Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Keith Sainsbury* Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Colin Bishop Department of Primary Industries Queensland
Tor Hundloe* University of Queensland
Ted Loveday* Seafood Services Australia
Jean Chesson*
Anne Maree Casey
Bureau of Rural Sciences
Lorraine Hitch World Wildlife Fund
Phillip Gibbs NSW Fisheries
Barbara Musso National Oceans Office
Ross Ord National Aquaculture Council
* indicates that the persons concerned are members of one or more of the project teams within the ESDRA Subprogram.
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